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The cloud represents both the most significant opportunity for profit and the biggest risk of becoming obsolete ever. Whether your business has a very long track record of success as a Value Added Reseller (VAR), Managed Service Provider (MSP) or is Born in the Cloud, Cloud Guru offers independent and objective assessments and empowering solutions to ensure your business not only survives the monumental shift to cloud solutions but truly capitalizes on it to maximize growth and bottom line profit for your business. Don’t allow your firm to be intimated by the cloud or succumb to analysis paralysis trying to figure it out, allow your team to collaborate with Guru to develop your cloud strategy.

Long-standing IT Service businesses have the most to gain in the cloud as they have a stable of loyal and trusting clients. Unfortunately, many are unable to overcome the bias of what they know best and what has worked in the past to really understand and embrace what will work in the future. The net result is that the business itself takes the “Ostrich Approach” to cloud….it buries its head in the sand with the hope that the cloud transformation will blow over. Unfortunately, the cloud represents a fundamental shift in how IT is delivered to end users and clients that choose to ignore it will one day awaken to realize that their business is no more. The cloud can bring a hurricane that destroys your business or a gentle rain cloud that brings increased sales, organizational growth and increasing profits. Cloud Guru is there to ensure the future is brighter than ever.

Firms founded ‘in the cloud’ have one huge advantage, they truly understand cloud and their business embraces all it brings. Unfortunately, Born in the Cloud businesses often lack experience and understanding of how to overcome the ‘anti-cloud bias’ propagated by traditional IT VARS and even MSPs seeking to ‘protect’ their business by spreading misinformation about the cloud. Common client objections include security concerns, lack of trust or painful memories of solutions developed before the enabling technologies were ready for prime time. Cloud guru offers training and consulting that empowers your business to offer a robust cloud portfolio and then trains your sales and marketing teams to overcome common objections and motivate clients to entrust your business with theirs. The more your team understands, the more insight they have. The more they leverage the skills and experience of Cloud Guru, the more successful they will be.

Note: This service is currently offered nationwide, with the exception of the state of Florida.

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