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IT professionals and business users are all seeking to better understand what the cloud means to their business. They attend conferences that provide speakers and educators knowledgable on cloud technologies so they return to their businesses better equipted to capitalize on the amazing benefits it provides. Conference organizers struggle to idenfity true industry experts not employed by cloud service providers clearly motivated to provide information steering participants toward their solution and not empower attendees to understand everything the cloud offers. Whether you seek high-level sessions without a focus on any one technology or one that incorporates insight directly related to your firm or solutions, Cloud Guru is the industry expert you can trust on all things cloud. Very capable speakers, educators and thought leaders from Cloud Guru conduct everything from Keynote Sessions to thousands of participants to small workout sessions to a dozen attendeees.


Cloud Guru offers speeches, workshops
and breakouts on topics that include

Technology Focused Topics

Business Tranformation – Transforming VARs, MSPs and Distributors into businesses equipted to understand, sell and deliver on cloud and managed IT solutions.

Sales Training – Developing sales representatives into true solution sales professionals capable of selling complex Managed IT and Cloud solutions.

Marketing Training – Empowering marketing professionals with knowledge on what marketing approaches are delivering qualified leads for Managed IT and Cloud. Cloud Guru also offers comprehensive workshops that enable participants to develop and manage their own marketing campaigns, incluing a very popular session that allows them to leave with a ‘ready to execute’ markting program tailored to the unique needs of their businesses.

Developing a Cloud Strategy – Enabling businesses and solution providers to better understand the history and direction of cloud computing and managed IT to ensure they are prepared to lead their businesses thru this market transformation.

Developing a Cloud Ecosystem – The cloud is far more robust and diverse than most realize. Firms often lack the understanding that they must offer a robust selection of the thousands of cloud products to ensure their clients have access to the right solution for their business. These sessions educate participants on the variety of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (Paas) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) available and empower them to create a solution set right for their clients.

General Business Topics

Motivational – Inspiring sessions that excite, entertain and enlighten attendees seeking to improve their businesses and reach personal objectives. Sessions are given by accomplished entreprenurs and senior executives speaking from experience.

Business Strategy – Transformational workshops and sessions that provide actionable insight and practical solutions to striving entrepreneurs from every industry. Sessions include Marketing, Sales and Business Management.

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