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Technology firms of all shapes and sizes are being forced to adapt to the drastic market shift brought on by Cloud Computing. Whether your business was founded long ago with a very established track record of success selling non-cloud solutions and you are seeking to embrace the cloud and experience the surge of opportunity or you are ‘Born in the Cloud’ and you are seeking to take your business to the next level, Cloud Guru offers solutions to help.

Cloud Guru offers services to evolve and empower all facets of your operation

Internal Team Development

Most firms are seeking answers to the challenges and questions cloud presents. Past performance selling and delivering non-cloud solutions is not necessarily even relevant going forward. Unless your team understands the future, they are not empowered to deliver on the potential of the future. Cloud Guru offers training to executives, sales, marketing, product development and finance that enables the type of change cloud requires. Clients often find that the ideal channel partner for cloud requires a different type of partner that you have not leveraged in the past. Allow Cloud Guru to work with your channel team to ensure they understand the ideal partner profile and how they think. Only then can they leverage their capabilities by reaching them and speaking their language such that they embrace the potential to represent you in the market enthusiastically…and succeed. Whether you desire education and training via one-on-one instruction to a CEO or CIO or a keynote speech at a worldwide employee conference, Cloud Guru has experienced educators capable of delivering a powerful and empowering session.

Regardless of where your internal development needs like, Cloud Guru can help. After all, the more they know, the more you can expect of them and the more the collective team will achieve.

Marketing Strategy Development & Execution

Cloud Guru provides consulting services to help you develop your marketing strategy to ensure you capitalize on every relevant sales channel. While others provide insight on only the type of marketing their firm does, our team focuses on marketing activities with the strongest Return on Investment (ROI) and with the greatest potential for increased sales regardless of type. Our clients enjoy marketing strategies that commence with a proven strategy that has worked for firms and then offers a robust process that ensures results are defined, quantified and taken into consideration in future campaigns. The net result is simple…campaigns produce results and those results improve each quarter as lessons learned are taken into account in future campaigns. Campaigns tend to include all proven approaches given the opportunity, including educational speeches, direct mail marketing, telemarketing, email marketing, newsletters, lunch and learns, webinars, distributor-produced campaigns and campaigns conducted in conjunction with established partner ecosystems. Proven campaigns, proven strategies and a process to ensure consistent improvement…exactly what you would expect from a Guru.

Partner Education & Empowerment

Most firms in the technology space depend on an ecosystem of resellers to sell and implement their solutions. Simply put, if partners don’t evolve to embrace the changes cloud brings, their business won’t evolve with the market which endangers the entire partner-vendor ecosystem. They must become raving fans of cloud and empowered to understand and sell cloud solutions or your cloud strategy is at risk…and thus your business.

Partner Education can be difficult and expensive to achieve if your partners are distributed nationwide or worldwide. Cloud Guru offers Partner Empowerment Strategy Development consulting to ensure you leverage best-of-breed solutions to deliver empowering training quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Cloud Guru strategies are not one size fits all, they are custom to you and your partners and often includes webinars, newsletters, conference calls, white papers, large scale speeches at conventions, city to city workshops, one on one training and much more. Our solutions focus on what works best for you and you partners with the insight into what has worked for technology producers, distributors, resellers and end users.

Cloud Guru provides both strategy development and remains engaged to execute on it should that be desired. From Business Transformation training that empowers partners to pivot toward cloud to marketing and sales training to ensure they are fully capable of selling managed and cloud solutions. Service training ensures their internal processes and personnel are trained to support your solutions and not be biased due to confidence or knowledge gaps. Cloud Guru ensures your partners are knowledgeable, confident and capable of delivering on the promise of your solution. When your partners know more, they are more confident and they sell more!

Technical Strategy Development

The cloud operates on a different technical framework than traditional solutions, that much is obvious. What may be more challenging is the new cornucopia of solutions operating in the cloud your solutions must integrate with to succeed. Whether it is cloud-centric procurement, service issue management, cloud-centric billing or integrating with complementary technologies to offer a more comprehensive solution, Cloud Guru saves you time and money by offering an independent and objective analysis on what is required. Don’t allow a pre-cloud bias or misunderstanding of the market to distract your team from the technical changes most beneficial to your long-term success, ask a Guru to guide your team.

Distribution Representation & Empowerment

Software and hardware providers in cloud frequently fail to capitalize on the tremendous opportunity traditional distribution offers. They misunderstand how the system works and how to best invest their time, energy and financial resources to obtain the best return on their investment. The team at Cloud Guru has worked with virtually every distributor, including Tech Data, Synnex, Ingram Micro, Arrow, Avnet and many more. Whether your business desires to get on the line card of the major cloud vendors and distributors or would benefit from knowledge of how they work, insight into the best use of your marketing investment or even physical representation to train and empower them, Cloud Guru can help. Put our experience to work for your firm and benefit from everything Cloud Guru knows and does. Realize the incredible potential that a fully informed and capable distributor and their thousands of affiliated resellers offers your business.

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