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As the ultimate end users of cloud technologies, businesses have the most to gain from proven cloud solutions that enable business agility and efficiency gains. Often, established vendors are biased to represent solutions they know and understand and not new and innovative solutions that may prove superior for their clients. Internal teams are increasingly focused on business needs and understanding how technology could help their end users. Cloud Guru fills the gap offering unbiased analysis and recommendations of cloud solutions that could meet or exceed the needs of their clients at a price point far lower than traditional IT approaches. Allow Cloud Guru to help you understand the benefits and risks of cloud solutions and sift thru marketing hype to identify proven technologies that offer you competitive advantages. Whether requirements relate to core infrastructure needs or applications that provide operational framework and empowering efficiencies, Cloud Guru is here to help.

Cloud Strategies

Cloud solutions range from robust, secure and reliable solutions from trusted firms to poorly performing solutions that lack enterprise security and reliability…and without an in depth knowledge of the overall market, it is difficult and perhaps impossible for professionals not solely dedicated to cloud solutions to know the difference. Firms with long-standing relationships with IT Outsourcing firms or a robust internal IT organization are seeking independent and objective analysis of their business needs, current technology infrastructure and their long-term business plan to develop a robust cloud strategy that mitigates risk and offers solutions best suited to your needs. Cloud Guru is here to help.

Cloud Guru follows a robust methodology that ensures your best interests are always kept at the forefront. Our experienced CIO/CTO’s are there to:

  •  Discover your unique business needs
  • Create a cloud strategy that ensures best of breed solutions are used
  • Support your internal team or outsourced IT organization’s effort
  • Implement the solution
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders and technologists to Scale use of the solution to ensure every potential benefit is realized.

Why not leverage professionals 100% dedicated to everything cloud to ensure your firm realizes the promise of cloud while mitigating risks every step of the way.

Note: This service is currently offered nationwide, with the exception of the State of Florida.

Part-Time CIO Solutions

Fortune 1000 firms have a Chief Information Office or Chief Technology Officer on staff to craft their IT strategy and manage the implementation and ongoing support of each component of it. These resources are incredibly valuable to these firms as they possess a very rare combination of business acumen and technical skill that enables them to identify technologies that offer their firms competitive advantage in the marketplace. They have the skills and experience in technology to see thru the ‘smokescreen’ put forth by marketing groups to see the true technical capability and business value firms provide. They interpret business needs and translate them into technical requirements such that needs are not missed, potential benefits are realized, decisions are sound and mistakes are prevented. These resources are invaluable to business and are key reasons enterprises are successful.

Unfortunately, these resources possess skills, educational foundations and robust experiences that make their market value far too expensive for the average small to medium sized business to afford….until now. Cloud Guru provides exactly these resources for a small fraction of what they would cost as full-time employees by distributing the expense with other businesses. Firms can leverage these resources from 1-30 days per month depending on their unique requirements, effectively leveraging these skills for only the amount of time they need. This allows efficient allocation of IT investment capital toward valuable projects that fulfill the business’s needs, not wasted on a resource that requires only a small portion of their workweek to meet the needs of their employer.

A key advantage of leveraging an outsourced CIO that is not employed by an outsourcing or Managed IT firm where services are biased and lack the objectivity of cross selling their firm’s other services. They are not managed by IT service business owners financially motivated to sell more of the solutions their firm offers to you. Cloud GURU fractional CIO’s are independent, objective and free to assess the viability of solutions from many vendors to ensure you get the best solution for the lowest possible price. They work for you, they represent you and they are motivated by your successes. The truth is that some technical solutions sometimes offer little financial benefit to IT service firms or internal IT teams seeking to grow, but offer businesses great cost savings or substantial business benefit. These solutions often offer cost savings that more than pay for the Part-Time CIO’s cost, so there is very often a net cost savings by having this talent on your leadership team once only affordable for the largest businesses. Cloud Guru offers proven IT leaders with experience as CIOs for larger firms. Benefit from their experience at a price a small to medium sized business can easily afford.

It is important to know that Cloud Guru does not offer Managed IT Services of any kind. Our team is comprised of Gurus that truly understand business and how technology can enable and empower businesses to achieve extraordinary results, but we do not offer computer, website, web or phone system support or management. We also don’t endorse or promote one vendor over another for any reason other than the solution that best fits that provides our clients with competitive advantage in the marketplace. The result is that your CIO recommendations are objective, not biased, and only your best interests are represented. You can trust our recommendations, not question motivations every turn and feel the need to invest you valuable time trying to become knowledgeable enough to make decisions yourself. You focus on running your business, Cloud Guru focuses on developing and implementing the IT strategy that supports it. What else would you expect from a Guru?

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