Why a Part-Time CIO Makes “Cents”

Technology can be an incredible and sustainable source of competitive advantage in the market. Just ask UPS and FedEx…and the competitor they have basically put out of business, the US Postal Service. The fact is that every small business would benefit from leveraging technology to improve the profitability, efficiency and effectiveness of their business. The issue is that most small business owners lack the time, expertise or desire to become experts in technology and don’t know where to turn for advice. They commonly look at the “hidden agenda” of their vendors when they give advice and wonder if they are recommending things the vendor sells versus an impartial advice based solely on what is in the best interest of their business. Surfing the web presents another issue…it is hard to see thru the marketing speak to understand the true capability of the solution or how it would apply to your business.

Large Enterprises have a Chief Information Officer, or CIO, on staff. This person’s sole responsibility is to architect, implement and manage technology solutions for their employer. This resource pays for himself over and over thru cost reductions and revenue enhancements that the technology they recommend provides. Unfortunately, a great CIO costs a great deal of money…which has left the small business owner unable to afford this invaluable team member….at least on a full-time basis. The solution is simple, a part-time CIO.

Cloud Guru offers CIO services on a part-time basis, which allows smaller firms to benefit from the experience at a small fraction of the cost. Whether a few hours a year or a few days of the week, benefit from the experience and knowledge of a senior level technology executive on your staff. Reap the rewards of great investments in technology and avoid the pitfalls of implementing the wrong solution by adding an impartial expert to your team.

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